App + Locker = Depot

Use our app and lockers to store your things in a smart and accessible way. Our app is under development and will be available in App Store and Google Pay by 2021. We are also working with several cities and events in Norway for placement of lockers. You'll find one soon!


Become a partner

We facilitates for better user experiences. If you want to make your customers, visitors or travelers more happy and satisfied – offer them the possibility to store their things in a Depot. 

As a newborn startup we are always looking for partners to grow with. We are now working with several cities and events in Norway for collaboration. If you have questions about our first pilot project, the product or partnership, feel free to contact us! 

Our vision

We have office in Trondheim, Norway and our team consists of economists, product developers, designers and sellers. Depot was established in 2019 with the intention of making traveling more seamless and ideal. We saw the opportunity to increase the value of traveling, by offering a new storage concept that is more user friendly than today's offer. We want to make travelers, visitors and customers happy by providing a smart and inexpensive storage offer. Our goal is to have a sufficient amount of Depot placed out in cities, events and festivals in Europe. Our future vision is to manage the whole ecosystem of storage, delivery and pickup in a smart and efficient way. 


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